Working on ebook #2 in the series: The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps.

To New Beginnings: The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps.: A Novel. Book 1 in the series: The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps.

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Hi Readers,
I wanted to update you all on what I am working on right now. So here goes.

So I am working currently on book #2 of the series novella (The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps). Not quite sure what the title of book #2 will be like yet.  Maybe as I come closer to the end, I might just ask you guys to assist with this part of the process (choosing a title). Nonetheless, that’s what I am up too.

And, just in case you wanted to know, so far I have a word count of about 5000 words. This second book in the series is also a short read, so I am looking at about 12000 to 15000 words.

I have a projection of completing the novella by July 15, 2015 (I am really working hard to see this a reality).

So stay tuned and look forward to it’s release on ebook. Book #1 is already there:

Click on the link:
Take care all!

Word Count

The Writer's Manifest

I started a conversation in a Writer’s Group that I participate in on Facebook. I don’t think, however, that I quite got across the point of what I was asking about.

Here is what I posted to the group:

Why is there a word-count competition?

We talk about word count a lot, as though it is a competition to get books as large as possible.

I have written everything from flash fiction (about 1k) to short stories (anything from 2k – 15k), novellas, and novels (my longest being about 130k words or so).

The storytelling style, the story development, even the enjoyment of the story itself varies between flash-fiction, short stories, novellas, and novels. Even with novels, the style of storytelling is going to vary if your book is 80k, 130k, 180k, the Stand, etc.

So, what do you think happened to the appreciation of both writing and reading the…

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