One of the strange realities that we must deal with, is the belief that the world is against us or maybe even have forgotten us. However, this feeling I think is something normal.

Sometimes I feel that I am neglected physically and emotionally by others. I am irritated by that.

Or could it be that I neglect myself?

Whenever I look around, at people nearest to me though, people like family and friends who try their best, in whatever way to support me, I am reminded.

Of what, you may ask?

Reminded of the love that others have for me.

The issue to battle with constantly is the fact that sometimes what we aspire for or what we focus on or dream about—many times it is something of material value—this takes fairly sometime in becoming a reality and that pains us.

Taking such a long time angers us, we want instant gratification.

We have needs, which if not met disturbs us.

Doing so to the point that we can question our existence, reality or God.
June 2002


The Diary of David Alexian: Using Words to Light My Spirit (2015).

Published by

David Alexian

David Alexian has always had a passion for writing. From an early age, he has loved keeping journals; sometimes in note books but other times on little scraps of paper he could find when his diary was not close by. Over the years, he has explored writing psychological thrillers, suspense and fantasy stories. His mind and heart is fed by his love for creating excitement for his readers. He loves to play with the perceptions of human realities; the challenges and triumph of the human spirit. David is the first son to two Caribbean parents, with the influence of European and African heritage. He is married to a supportive and caring wife. At present, David holds a Masters of Arts degree in Psychology and works with children who have experienced trauma, abuse or mental disturbances. As he writes, he experiences the freedom that comes with knowing his readers are excited, happy and satisfied.

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