Isn’t it strange
how often you’re surrounded
by strangers?
The car you’re following behind
as your driving down the interstate–
Who is inside, what are they talking about?
Are they singing to songs on the radio?
Are they arguing
about something one of them said?
Something one of them did?
Or maybe didn’t do?
Where are they going?
Why are they going there?
I think about these people every day.
I wonder about their lives,
about their plans, their destinations.
I wonder if any of them
ever wonder the same
about me.

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My Smashwords Books

Hi Friend,

So far I have placed two short works on Smashwords.  A book of poems and first part of a short story (it will be a series).  I had worked on this series earlier this year but decided to make some further edits.  More like some big changes to the plot.

So far, I placed them for free on smashwords.  I will leave it free for about 24 hours for you.  And then maybe I will put…I guess $0.99 US on them

And thanks so much to all of you who gave me the encouragement to use this smashwords platform.

So this is the link here:

Writing Tip: 8 Essential Tips for Crafting and Sharing Your Poetry

Creative Talents Unleashed

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1. Don’t stop writing – Artists create art, Teachers teach, Writers write.
To excel your writing, you need to flex your poetic muscles daily.
2. Read Poetry by other writers – By reading other writers you may find new ways to express yourself. Learn a new form, and learn what you like or do not like from the work of others.

3. Attend Open Mics – Listen to the way words are spoken. Poetry is oral just as much as it is visual genre of writing. The way a poet speaks their lines is just as important as the meaning of the lines. Open Mics are a great way for you to meet new authors, and perform your own work.

4. Study Poetic Forms – Although you may not enjoy writing sonnets, or haiku’s trying various forms will help broaden your poetic development.

5. Experiment – Is there a form…

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