The Nerd Nebula

Lately I’ve been dreaming, of a world so far.

Of a glade so splendid, suspended in the stars.

Lately I’ve been singing, of a verse so sweet.

Of a cherished lover, whom can my soul complete.

Lately I’ve been drawing, pictures true of sight.

To practice all my talents, in hope of God’s delight.

Lately I’ve been praying, for a meager hope.

For us all to action, virtues wide of scope.

Lately I’ve been writing, of desolation acts.

Where the greed of man, from our Earth subtracts.

Lately I’ve been seeing, visions lost in time.

Of portentous warnings, scorched our Earth sublime.

Lately I’ve been thinking, of ideas and many questions.

Where only I can find the answers, and these answers are my obsessions.

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