A new writing technique.

When plotting my novels I often use a number of different approaches. This present novel I am working on with the two main characters, Deo and Toney, I have use a type of mind mapping to come up with the scenes. And this worked fine.

Learning from other individuals who are more experience than I am at the writing process continues to help me progress my work. I had discovered recently from a writer that a similar mind mapping is used, but this one is used in an Excel sheet. I liked the idea they used and decided that I will formulate the type of structure, if you will, which fuses together my technique and theirs. The objective is to make sure that there is a flow in my novel, as well as to identify any holes which may exist in the work.

Having said this, I do have a few more scenes to work on in this present novel and therefore will attempt to plug in the information into this new structure, and see how it works. I feel that this will be an opportunity for me to test how this new approach works, as I have already completed more than 90% of this present novel.

How it works is like this:
1. On an Excel sheet you put each chapter (for me, I will put each chapter on a new Excel sheet).
2. The next step is to put the various headings or the scenes category. I guess it is really up to the individual writer as to how many scenes they will want to put in each chapter. For me, anything between one or two or even three scenes may be just enough. I really will not want to have too much confusion in the chapter. But again this is just my preference.
3. For each scene I will now have a category entitled the time frames/timelines. In that way it will allow me to keep track of the movement of time. For me this can become very confusing if the storyline is moving forward but I have no idea as to the time frame (the years, months or days).
4. The final category will be entitled the main activities. The various activities that are happening in connection with the time frames/timelines can now be easily tied into the specific scene in the story.

So this will be my new method or experimentation a few like to call it that, on my approach to writing my novels, novellas etc.

If you want to use this method feel free to do so. And in the future, I will try to update you on how this process is working out for me.


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