Write a book – without even knowing it!

Business in Rhyme

micheal butor

I’ve always been curios and hungry for knowledge: to explore, research and eventually tell the world about my findings. My first intentions were never to become a writer or published author, but with time I evolved into one. The funny thing though is, that in my early school years I never liked to write literally essays and school approach to poetry was dreadful! So my early inclinations towards poetry, quietly faded away, until few years ago when my interest simply rekindled itself and I began to experience so much benefits from writing and reading poetry.

At the University, writing scientific papers and factual reports became very natural to me. When I seriously decided to devote to academic career this type of writing and communicating were so habitual that writing papers had its own flow and rhythm. Pretty much the same was with my lectures.

And before I knew it, I actually…

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