What Makes A Great Book Description?

All writers need readers, right?

Your book description, the section that describes your book on Amazon, and on the back of your paperback or on the flap of your hardback, is a critical part of finding readers.

Readers buy books based on great descriptions.

Here are 7 key things every description should have:

1. A strong first sentence. You can insert a tag line, a short sentence that might go on the front cover, or a short exciting review quote at the top of your description. Whatever you do you, the opening lines of your description must hook readers. They must be engaging and create a desire to buy your book. You can incorporate the most dramatic element of the book or what the reader will get, how they will benefit, from reading your book.

2. In the second paragraph tell the reader who the main characters are, by name, what the circumstances of the book are and the location.

3. Include the dramatic problem or dilemma of the plot quickly. You can use key words such as: “however”, “but” or “until” to describe the turn of events the book focuses on.

4. Hint at how the characters might overcome the dilemma.

5. Indicate the tone and mood of the book. Tell the reader through pace and word choice what kind of story they will get. Is it a romance, a mystery, a thriller,  a literary story, a fantasy or another popular genre?

6. Keep all paragraphs short (two or three lines),  to make the description easy to read online.

7. Mention what’s unique about your book and use a dramatic tone, if the book contains drama. A little hype goes a long way. Do you know what’s unique about your book?
Other tips:

  • Cater to your target reader’s tastes – “If you like ….,you’ll love….”
  • Quote authors, not publications, when comparing your book  
  • Mention awards, if you have them 
  • Your hook, the opening sentence, can also be a question
  • Don’t make the description too long. Three to five paragraphs is more than enough
  • Look at the five top books in your genre for length, layout, style and content tips.

Spend time getting this right. Test each version you create with people you trust who will be honest with you.

A poor book description will seriously impact your book sales. Big publishers spend a lot of time on this, changing or inserting single words over and over to create powerful descriptions.

Get this right if you want your book to sell.

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Published by

David Alexian

David Alexian has always had a passion for writing. From an early age, he has loved keeping journals; sometimes in note books but other times on little scraps of paper he could find when his diary was not close by. Over the years, he has explored writing psychological thrillers, suspense and fantasy stories. His mind and heart is fed by his love for creating excitement for his readers. He loves to play with the perceptions of human realities; the challenges and triumph of the human spirit. David is the first son to two Caribbean parents, with the influence of European and African heritage. He is married to a supportive and caring wife. At present, David holds a Masters of Arts degree in Psychology and works with children who have experienced trauma, abuse or mental disturbances. As he writes, he experiences the freedom that comes with knowing his readers are excited, happy and satisfied.

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