Poems and Petals


Beauty from youth
Eaten slowly away
Time leaves nothing
Living untouched or
Unfaded, devours all in
Its sight until all that
Remains are memories
Of what once was-
Littering life’s pathway
With faded scents of
A discarded rose

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7 Reasons Why You Should Outline Your Novel DURING Revision

A Writer's Path


by Kelsie Engen

Today we’re going to talk about how to approach the next revision step: developmental edits. Basically this means addressing the major, structural issues of your WIP before moving on to the minor things.

This step comes after you’ve read your first draft, made some comments or jotted down ideas.

Of course, whether you’ve merely jotted down ideas, or come up with new pacing suggestions, or discovered some character motivations, etc., at this point you should create a new outline.

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The 1000 Words a Day Challenge: Writer’s block cure for freelancers?

Writer’s block: grand psychological and mental barrier that obstructs the thoughts and creativity of a writer. It can happen to a novelist or even someone who needs to write an essay as an assignment. For those of us who depend on writing for an income, what can we do about it? There are many suggested methods to ‘cure’ writer’s block. What about a writing challenge? Can writing 1000 words a day really help with writer’s block, or will it only cause it?

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