On Writing

Gathering Stones Strung on Threads

Franz Wazz franswazz.tumblr.comFranz Wazz      franswazz.tumblr.com

I want to write words which sparkle
Sea`washed stones in afternoon sunshine
Which lie lazily on beds of green kelp

I want to write words which carve
Blue glacial`ice pushing the hard moraine
Ice which cracks thunder when it falls

I want to write words which weep
Red`hot tears into the stone coldest hearts
Hearts so unloved they can merely fear

I want to write words which believe
Trust truth in the face of what they’re told
Which light a bright candle in the dark

I want to write words which defy
Spring`words which bloom in the autumn
Purple figs growing on the cursed tree

I want to write words which bend
Some lost seeker’s stony path toward home
Where a father stands waiting at the gate

“M.S. Merwin once asked John Berryman how to know if his poems were any good.
Berryman replied: ‘You…

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Published by

David Alexian

David Alexian has always had a passion for writing. From an early age, he has loved keeping journals; sometimes in note books but other times on little scraps of paper he could find when his diary was not close by. Over the years, he has explored writing psychological thrillers, suspense and fantasy stories. His mind and heart is fed by his love for creating excitement for his readers. He loves to play with the perceptions of human realities; the challenges and triumph of the human spirit. David is the first son to two Caribbean parents, with the influence of European and African heritage. He is married to a supportive and caring wife. At present, David holds a Masters of Arts degree in Psychology and works with children who have experienced trauma, abuse or mental disturbances. As he writes, he experiences the freedom that comes with knowing his readers are excited, happy and satisfied.

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