Which is the best time for you to write?

Early in the morning? Or, late at nights?

Are you struggling to get that perfect time to write?

Well, to tell you the truth, I am still trying to get up early and engage my creative periods.  What I noticed with me, is that I tend to stay up late, and after about 11:00 pm or so, and after a cup of coffee, I’m up and ready to write.

I guess, when you think of it, I am getting up early, right!

Well, more like staying up way into the early hours of the morning.  For me though it works.

So I may work for about two or three hours, then get some rest before heading out to my day job.

How I feel during those writing periods.

I will tell you what though, I really don’t feel exhausted.  If I had to do some late work on a project for my day job, within one hour, I am sleeping on myself.  So this is my deduction.  When I write creatively, I am actually at rest; relaxed with my thoughts during those hours of the early morning.

Are you struggling to get that perfect time to write?

Well for most persons, there are no perfect times.  Sometimes it is the morning, other times you may get some writing done in the evening.  Although you may feel a bit comfortable choosing one time over another, yet you can start writing at any time of the day.

Writing only when I am inspired.

And, well, forget about writing only when inspired.  I tried it, and must report it didn’t always work.  Try writing in a meeting with your boss sitting right next to you.   Not happening!  But that’s where inspiration comes to you sometimes.  You could start writing then and there, but that probably will get you fired.  So don’t take the chance.

Writing at nights could be so relaxing.

At nights when I write, it is as though I’m asleep.  It really feels relaxing.  The words don’t always flow naturally, at least not all the time, but even at this moment there is conversation with the characters.  I get the time to spend with them, to ask them pertinent questions.  Even if the responses don’t make it into the novel or piece I am writing.  I get to have a greater appreciation for who they are. This year, I want to see if I could complete about two short novels (about 50 000 words).  The first drafts of both manuscripts are completed.  So the effort will be placed on self editing, before handing them over to someone more experienced than I am with this editing stuff.


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