The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #6 (A part of my novel)

Of their four children, Sarah was just a few months old when he left.  Too young to understand what had happened.   But her bulging mocha coloured eyes, glazed over, like dew falling from dead mango leaves, the night police came and took him away.  It was a showery Friday evening.  Shelly remembered as though it was just a few hours ago.  Jasmine, the oldest, was a few months over five, she remembered, but had since blocked out the visions of her father being dragged away.  That night, about three, or possibly four corvettes came racing to the house.  No sooner had you heard the sirens coming around the bend, as far as the cemetery, they were there………..


Copyright © 2017 David Alexian

All rights reserved.


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