The Pattern of a Writer’s Life in the Slow Turn of Seasons


In “Brief Delights,” writer Andrea Stephenson at Harvesting Hecate muses on the changing of seasons and beautifully compares the fleetingness of summertime to those lucid, high moments of a writer’s life.

Summer is a season of brief delights. Tiny beings on gossamer wings cloud the air for fleeting moments. Meadows undulate in an abrupt dazzle of colour. Birds swoop in from their long journeys to a frenzy of feasting and breeding. It is a season where things appear like magic, before vanishing as though they were never there. Where do they come from — the flies and the beetles and the butterflies? Where do they go to when their season has ended? They appear and then they fade, leaving behind traces on the air and the memory of wings. Summer’s long, light days can seem tantalisingly slow, and many of us remember treacly summers of our youth that were never-ending. But summer’s delights…

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