Crow Friday Poem: Reflection

Crow On The Wire

pexels-photo-208096.jpegWhen I was a little boy
I looked out my bedroom
window when it rained,
snowed, or when the
sun rose.

I waited by the window
to see if my friends
were playing outside
and if springtime
had arrived.

I looked out the window
so much
that my image
is still embedded
in the pane of glass.

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It will Change

Eclipsed Words By Aishwarya Shah

the sky opens before me, revealing the answers to the questions i have asked many times

i step forward, ready to split myself open and reveal the light within me that always shines

my eyes scan the sea of humans before me and i cannot help but notice the confusion and the stress

they are constantly worried about what they can change yet think of themselves less and less

what is this game we have fallen into and can we beat it?

because i don’t want to come back again, i don’t want to repeat it

the wind blows my hair across my eyes, but my vision is not clouded

for i see the countless of people terrified, their happiness is always shrouded

the darkness is not something to fear, as it is only the absence of light

when we wake up and open our eyes, we will then see…

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A Poem By Ma And Me

The Scribblings

My mom and I have written a poem together! You guys have read my poems and you know what my style of writing is. This time, I decided to share with you a poem which my mother and I have written together! I am so excited to know what you guys think of our collective effort!

The stanzas in blue are my mom’s and the ones in black are mine. We’ve written the stanzas alternatingly, the first being mine, next being hers and so on (additional information if the colour isn’t showing up.).

The Golden Canvas

By Prerna and Meher Gandhi

I have been wandering in this forest alone,
Have traversed every puddle, every stone.
All the lights and crowds I’ve seen,
The desert is where I’ve never been.

It seems the path is taken less,
Or is it for the one to assess?
The lonesome stream, the hollow pit,

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Behind The Tinted Glass

Many freelance writers face different challenges at the very beginning of their writing career. One of these challenges is a time management. At the very beginning of my writing career, there were many times I had difficulties meeting deadlines. Why? I didn’t create a distraction-free environment.
behindthetintedglass messy desk freelance writing tips
There were photos, books, pencils and other time-stealers on my desk. I specifically remember one summer day. My room needed fresh air, so I opened the window. Every sound drew my attention, so every few minutes I was at the window looking on the people going to the beach. The other major time stealer were social networks. Instead of writing, I was checking news, commenting photos of my friends or just scrolling down my wall. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is “very, very bad” and 10 is “perfect”, I would rate my performance as 2 or 3, but not…

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