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So far I have placed two short works on Smashwords.  A book of poems and first part of a short story (it will be a series).  I had worked on this series earlier this year but decided to make some further edits.  More like some big changes to the plot.

So far, I placed them for free on smashwords.  I will leave it free for about 24 hours for you.  And then maybe I will put…I guess $0.99 US on them

And thanks so much to all of you who gave me the encouragement to use this smashwords platform.

So this is the link here:


One of the strange realities that we must deal with, is the belief that the world is against us or maybe even have forgotten us. However, this feeling I think is something normal.

Sometimes I feel that I am neglected physically and emotionally by others. I am irritated by that.

Or could it be that I neglect myself?

Whenever I look around, at people nearest to me though, people like family and friends who try their best, in whatever way to support me, I am reminded.

Of what, you may ask?

Reminded of the love that others have for me.

The issue to battle with constantly is the fact that sometimes what we aspire for or what we focus on or dream about—many times it is something of material value—this takes fairly sometime in becoming a reality and that pains us.

Taking such a long time angers us, we want instant gratification.

We have needs, which if not met disturbs us.

Doing so to the point that we can question our existence, reality or God.
June 2002


The Diary of David Alexian: Using Words to Light My Spirit (2015).


Although life is not an easy going walk in the park for me, no matter how much I cry inside, no matter how difficult the work I pursue may be, I laugh still, I experience joy still, I love still.

Here we are, all for a purpose, great or small. Our purpose is measured out for us by the things we pursue.

When I hate the world, I remember that I have a purpose to make it a better place for others, in some small way.

As the day would end, the morning will come. The sun will rise!

I have hope, there is hope, I have faith.

I will live and love with my heart. The sun will rise for each of us. Each day with a new beginning.

Here we are, with a purpose!

April 2002


The Diary of David Alexian: Using Words to Light My Spirit.

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Excerpts from books I have written

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One of the strange things that happens to me, is the strong feeling for someone close, next to me, just as God is close to me.

A physical person or friends, someone with my characteristics, someone who understands me.

Sometimes people hint to me that I am uninterested. Uninterested they say?

They are wrong!

How could they?

But, but sometimes I believe it.

Is it wrong to feel lonely or insecure, even when the entire earth is all around?

No really, I am asking you the question, because I don’t know!

For, from time to time this is the feeling I have.

But there is an inner peace, a strange drive that spurs me on today, something that is sacred.
April 2002


Excerpts from books I have written

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Today is another day, yet it is somewhat different too most days.
Outside my window, rain drops are trickling down from the frosty blue, white and gray skies.
No, in my head there are no colours; no colours in my mind, yet my thoughts are comparable to the bleeding sky.


Although the raging rains are outside, there is a sort of intermittent calm, a peace.


I too, I am tired, yet there is a strange inner peace within my body.


But the inner harmony is not always so. The things I do continually at times becomes wearisome and I need to rest a while, catch my rhythm, look at life, look at what I have become, what I am doing with my life! And, how far my progress has reached.
April 2002