The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #22 (A part of my novel)

Early next morning, on the distant hill overlooking Kiskadee village, the sound of a rooster was heard signaling the start to another day.

Merry, her face turned to the wall, used a hand to block a ray of sunlight coming in through a crack. Her eyes burned.  Heat rested on both her eyelids.  She saw red.

Her heart skipped for a moment, behind her was a hiss.  Then warm air flowed down her back.

She remained quiet for a while.  Her body stiffened; not an arm or a leg moved.  Her breathing slowed.

She smiled, “Hey!”  She knew that scent.

She massaged the back of her neck, and then pushed against the warm body.

“When did you get in, darling?”

“I, ah—.”

“I am so sorry, but,” she robbed her eyes, “I must have fallen asleep.  Did you find the dogs?” Merry muttered.

“They are fine; they may have wondered and gotten lost.”

“Oh, those poor things.”

“I got them back.”

“I know, but still.  Wondering around in that cold dark forest.”

“They are accustom Merry, they are hunters.”

“Well, I guess,” she said.  The concern didn’t leave her voice.

Last night, after he left, she reminded herself of why he had to leave.

“I found them a bit north east from here.  Came back home about three o’ clock this morning.”

“Wow, that was late.”

“Found you sitting at the table with your head in your hands, fast asleep.”

“I am so sorry, dear.”

“You had a long day Merry.”

Toney hugged his wife in bed.

Jason came into the room, “What’s for breakfast, mom?”  He bellowed, his forehead frowned

“Good morning Jason!”  Toney yelled, thumping at the wall close to his head.

“No, Toney.  He is our son and he is hungry.  Son, tell your father that you’re sorry!”

Toney placed both palms over his face and breath gently into them.

“I am sorry man, I mean dad,” Jason mumbled.

Toney waved his right hand to him, as if to say, you should leave the room now.

“I am coming son,” Merry made her way out of bed.  “I will make you and your father something to eat.”

Toney pulled at her arm as she climbed over him.  “Merry where are you  going?”

“I am out of here,” Jason wagged his head and made his way from before the bedroom door.

“Sweetheart, I should be up any way.”

He released her hand.  Flat on his back he laid facing the ceiling, “Go on.”

“Oh come on, don’t be like that.  Besides, we can get an early start on the day.”

“You mean get on with the decorations.”

She chuckled, “You know, I didn’t have that in my mind, but thanks for reminding me.”

“Yeah right, you, not remembering?”

“Anyway,” she togged at his wrist, “time for you to rise and shine yourself.”

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The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #21 (A part of my novel)

She stopped for a moment to admire the curtains, even attempting to set it right; for the gentle breeze disturbed her frills.

Jason on the other hand, had his bedroom door closed in tightly, sealed from the world outside.

She tiptoed around the house, not wanting to disturb her son.  Perhaps he had fallen asleep.

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The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #20 (A part of my novel)

In the bedroom, Merry waited on him.  She believed he was through taking care of the dogs, however, hearing the sound of his blade, she got out of bed.

“What’s wrong, Toney, what is going on?”  With a shriek in her voice, her head pushed out from the doorway; Merry gazed at her husband.  Her forehead creased.

“The dogs are missing!”  He responded, sounding as though moaning the lost of a dear friend.

“They will return my love, you have trained them well!”

Sternness filled the room.  “Merry John, it is my duty to take care of my—.”

Before he could finish, Merry said, “Take the lamp in the kitchen dear, go, bring them home.”

He turned to look at the forest outside, then to the floor.  A few seconds after, with the machete firmly gripped in his hand, he turned to her.  By this time, she was fully in the corridor between their bedroom and Jason’s.  A bed sheet wrapped around her body, one hand held the two ends together, the other clinched her belly.

Toney raised his chin, and made a step towards her.  She moved one step back.  Moving her hand from her belly she braced herself against the wall.

“I have to do this.”

“They will come back,” she shrugged.

“They are still knew, I can’t take that chance.”

“I am sure they are outside in the yard somewhere just having fun.”

“I called, they are not here.”

“Go, we love you,” she gave a dismissive wave.

Toney slowly turned from her, grabbed the lamp and disappeared through the door.

Merry moved towards the door and pulled it in.

A slight drizzle now lashed against the roof.

She whispered, “Toney, I love you.”

She did not see herself sleeping that night until her husband returned.

As she walked away from the door, to the corner of her eyes the rains started entering the half shut window over the kitchen sink.  She went over and pull it in.

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The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #19 (A part of my novel)

He looked at the watch around his wrist, one he had bought a few hours earlier.  “Well, its late people,” he said.  “Time to jump in bed, we had a very long day.”

His wife chuckled.  “Come on dear, no one is tired yet.”

“That’s not what those beautiful eyes are saying, I can see sleep all over that face.”

“One more minute, I need to make some more curtain rods.  Where are the rest of the strings I brought inside this evening?”

“I will go to a shop tomorrow morning and get some real curtain rods for you.  But now, sleep time.”  He made for a few feet away from her.

“Okay, I guess I can handle this some other time then.”

“I’ll be in soon, after feeding the dogs.”

“Jason, you heard your father, go wash up in the barrel outside and go to bed.”

Jason pretended to not hear his mother for a few seconds, but jumped to his feet as his father approached the door way.


“Here boys, it’s getting late.  Where are you?”  Toney called out to the two dogs.

Standing outside, the woods played him a festive song.  He felt a sense of newness, and purpose to his life.

Back on Dow Island, Toney had three dogs he used for hunting.  When he was about to leave, he sold the lead dog to another hunter.  He did not need it anymore.  But more so, he did not want to cripple it.  It was getting old, and knew the forest back on the island better.  It was the best hunting dog he ever had.

Buck was its name.

Buck was used to train the other two dogs, Vic and Blacks, who came on the journey.  Vic was the youngest, and always had to prove his spot in the pack.

Toney whistled loudly, piecing the cold air.  He expected his dogs to respond.  Yet, for several minutes, could hear nothing other than the forest creatures whistling back.

Some distance around, he saw a few houses.  There, light beamed from their windows, like eyes, but not enough to provide any help to him.

At that moment, under his breath, Toney reminded himself of the vow he made.  No one will be left behind to fend for themselves, and that included his dogs. These dogs were part of his family.

Many nights in the past, Toney’s dogs alerted him to dangers on the hunting trails.  Once, Blacks even placed himself between a venomous snake and his master.  Itself it offered as a sacrifice, so its master could escape death.  Remembering this, Toney went into the house, placed a slipper on his feet, took his machete out of the case and headed back to the front door.

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The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #18 (A part of my novel)

From time to time he looked at the stick, lost in thought.  Like a scared bird in a trap, he sat on the step, exhausted.  His ears listened to the sounds in the distance, familiar sounds of animals, but in an unfamiliar place.

Toney looked at him through the opened front door.  His son had left much behind.

Toney felt he made the best decision for his family.  As a father, he was not about to leave anyone behind.  He told himself, what he experienced as a child at the hands of his relatives, was not going to be that of his family.

‘A man running’, but he did not mine that title.  He thought if he stayed, he will be no different.  A change in scenery was all he thought it will take.

This home was an investment.  It was not in the best of condition, a little over twenty years old since being constructed.  He knew his way around a bit of carpentry and had great plans to rebuild the house someday; making it more comfortable for his wife and son.  Perhaps an additional room or two; making it bigger.

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The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #17 (A part of my novel)


Merry, Toney’s wife, was busy putting up the last of the curtains in the dining room.  Humming a tune to herself, her smooth hands worked like that of a surgeon.

Jason, their sixteen year old son, held a stick in one hand and a small dull Swiss knife in the next.

He held the knife firmly in his hand, its handle wrapped with a piece of cloth.  The knife, his father had given to him as a present, over five years ago.  Occasionally he brought the two together, scraping the blade against the wood and blowing off the dust that gathered on his hands.

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The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #16 (A part of my novel)

“I wanted to surprise you and the children.”  He said.  “They told me that I was getting out today, to start over, anew.”

“I have waited for you.  Thanks for returning, this is a family again.”

Deo just held his wife as they both looked outside into the darkness.

About two miles away from the Narine’s family, Toney John had just finished his dinner.  He had bread and corn soup.  Today he moved into his new home with his family.  Dow Island was not going to see them again.  The two day boat journey to this island’s port and five hour donkey cart ride to Kiskadee village, was a plan that Toney saw played out in his mind many times.

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