7 signs you are ready to self-publish (a checklist)

Damien Walter

For my work at The Guardian I spend a lot of time looking at new books, and I’ve gone out of my way to look at new books by indie published writers. And my conclusion has been that the vast majority of independently published writers aren’t ready. The books aren’t ready and their authors aren’t ready either in most cases. Nonetheless indie publishing is now an established route in to professional writing for those who are ready. So how do writers know when they are ready?

This is an attempt to lay out some criteria that might help writers of all kinds make that decision. It’s hard to objectively assess our own progress. The ego is constantly whispering, ‘of course we’re ready’, and part of the problem with not being ready is that you don’t yet have the tools to even know you are not ready! Of course there is…

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From The First To The Last Chapter – 5 Things To Keep In Mind

A Writer's Path


The ability to write a novel from start to finish doesn’t own any kind of magical formula. Like anything we try to accomplish in life, certain things can hinder the process.  Some of them can’t be avoided, like the condition of your own health.  If you’re coughing, wheezing, taking serious medication that can affect your judgment, I promise that most, if not all writing skills goes out of the window.

The things that can be avoided are usually the same standard problems faced by most writers.  Interruptions during a critical moment of writing.  Too much noise.  The music you listen to in between chapters while taking a break got left at a friend’s place.  Go and get it, your chapter is done for the day.

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Story Grid Mini-Course

Shawn Coyne:

Over the next few videos, I’ll be teaching how to create your own Story Grids. But before we can do that, we really need to figure out what kind of story do we really have here? And the way we’re going to figure that out is by reviewing the concept of genre. And in the next video, I will go through my entire belief system in genre, which is called The Five-Leaf Genre Clover.