Following a character

The more I write about a character (follow them and ask them questions), the more they reveal themselves to me. I have this character called Deo in one of my stories, and thought I knew him well, but I am discovering this man is more mysterious than I thought. He has a story to tell; something he is hiding.

I think I will ask him what it is. Or hope he tells me, at least if he considers me his friend. I just hope I could deal with whatever he reveals.


My word count grew.

So, I’m writing this story, it started sometime early in the year 2015. Originally, it was supposed to be a short story. As I grew to appreciate following the characters, they started doing things that interested me. As it is, weeks, and months went along, and though originally I started with a plot, there were many surprises along the way. So I said to myself, well I will write a bit more and see what these characters, or scenes eventually look like. Then I struck 20,000 words. But the more I wrote I recognize that there were holes that started to develop, and so I had to fix these. Then some new secondary characters came along, intertwining their lives with that of the main characters. So now the story’s word count has reached to almost 40,000 words. I have an idea of how the story will end but I suspect in a few days the ending in my mind may also change.