The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #17 (A part of my novel)


Merry, Toney’s wife, was busy putting up the last of the curtains in the dining room.  Humming a tune to herself, her smooth hands worked like that of a surgeon.

Jason, their sixteen year old son, held a stick in one hand and a small dull Swiss knife in the next.

He held the knife firmly in his hand, its handle wrapped with a piece of cloth.  The knife, his father had given to him as a present, over five years ago.  Occasionally he brought the two together, scraping the blade against the wood and blowing off the dust that gathered on his hands.

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Lonely peace

Is it wrong to feel lonely or insecure, even when the entire earth is all around?

No really, I am asking you the question, because I don’t know! For, from time to time this is the feeling I have.

But there is an inner peace, a strange drive that spurs me on today, something that is sacred.


Heartstring Eulogies

I was petrified of losing you as if you were never more than a mirage, so I kept you out. And like the pieces of a chessboard, you took all my defenses and rearranged them, setting new rules. Before I knew it, you found your way in and I was left bared and vulnerable. But you never once hurt me. You wrapped yourself inside all that pain and separation to stand bastion, protecting me. It was far better than living with it all alone.

© Sarah Doughty

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It is nice here, she thought, the children will be happy, her children. At least the neighbourhood looked quiet and safe.



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