The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #9 (A part of my novel)

The evening was serene.  Deo now said just about three words to his wife, since walking through the door.  The children were quiet too, as if trying to make adjustments in their thinking.  Questions no doubt needed to be answered.  But who was going to start?  Was this even the right time for questions?  At least one thing was certain, there was a man named Deo Narine in the house that night.  Tomorrow, the village will have the chance to meet him.  For men like Deo, probably word was already being spread in the village.


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The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #6 (A part of my novel)

Of their four children, Sarah was just a few months old when he left.  Too young to understand what had happened.   But her bulging mocha coloured eyes, glazed over, like dew falling from dead mango leaves, the night police came and took him away.  It was a showery Friday evening.  Shelly remembered as though it was just a few hours ago.  Jasmine, the oldest, was a few months over five, she remembered, but had since blocked out the visions of her father being dragged away.  That night, about three, or possibly four corvettes came racing to the house.  No sooner had you heard the sirens coming around the bend, as far as the cemetery, they were there………..


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9 Ways Writing Short Stories Can Pay Off for Writers

by Anne R. Allen, author

I thought short stories stopped being relevant for professional writers decades ago, when mainstream magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post stopped publishing fiction; I equated short fiction with those finger exercises piano students do before they graduate to real music. If you’re serious about a career in fiction, you write novels … right?

Wrong. Short stories are having a revival in the digital age. As book marketing guru Penny C. Sansevieri wrote in The Huffington Post, “Short is the new long. Thanks to consumers who want quick bites of information and things like Kindle Singles, consumers love short.” It seems the short story is back—on an iPhone near you.

Here are nine factors working in favor of a short story renaissance:

1. Small, portable screens are changing the way we read.

“The single-serving quality of a short narrative is the perfect art form for the digital age. … Stories are models of concision, can be read in one sitting and are infinitely downloadable and easily consumed on screens,” bestselling short-story writer Amber Dermont told The New York Times. 

Cal Morgan of Harper Perennial agrees. “The Internet has made people a lot more open to reading story forms that are different from the novel,” he says.

When Amazon in 2011 launched its Kindle Singles program—which publishes works of fiction or creative nonfiction of 5,000–30,000 words—it sold more than 2 million short titles in 14 months. Today, it’s further promoting short fiction with a Short Reads section—where customers can choose stories from the Singles library by the length of time required to read them—and Day One magazine, which showcases short fiction from new authors……………………………………………


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To New Beginnings: The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps.: A Novel. Book 1 in the series: The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps.

Hi Dear Readers, how are you doing?  I really hope that all is well with you at this time.

I wrote this novel:

To New Beginnings: The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps.: A Novel. Book 1 in the series: The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps.

It was published as a kindle ebook on June 4, 2015 and could be found on

I will really like your support in purchasing the book, reading it and leaving a sincere review.  I have made an effort to reduce the price on this novel, as I want to make it available to as much persons as possible.  

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The families of Deo and Toney are both faced with changes to their lives. In the case of Deo, he has returned to Kiskadee Village after being incarcerated for over 12 years. Toney on the other hand has moved his family from Dow Island to Kiskadee village, seeking a change in environment and a fresh start to a life with his wife and son.

The two men are concerned about supporting their families and trying to live life as comfortable as possible. But ones past do not always vanish from ones present. There are hidden secrets in Kiskadee, that threatens to challenge the apparent calm life of the people living there.

Though many years have passed, and people grow and settled down. What will it take to spark a conflict in a cruel man’s mind? Does the community truly know the people they live among?

1. The Re-uniting

2. A Fresh Start

3. Settling In

4. Kiskadee Flames

5. Mischief Boy

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